I'm a husband and proud father of 3 boys, living in the French alps.

I wrote this book on digitally controlled machines which I love using and teaching about.

You can hire me as a consultant on fablabs, makerspaces and innovation - but I'll only ever advise you to use digital tools if they turn out to be the answer to your question.

It would be awesome if you could join
The Resilience Collective, a group I started to use digital technology where it's most needed, be it for humanitarian or development projects.

I also love fermenting things, building stuff with my
Shaper, Prusa and MIG welder, skiing and reading all sorts of Sci-fi and non fiction..

If you have comments - positive or negative -
on any of that, drop me a line.

It's a means, not an end.

I have developed makerspaces in many different countries, and worked as a consultant for diverse international organizations. From the assessment of needs
(a 3D printer is not always the answer) all the way to installation and training,
I've done it many times over.

I can help you define the best strategy for your project, the tools and space(s) needed, and help you or your organization create the business model to make it durable.

Among other endeavors, I taught at Tufts university in the department of biomedical engineering, managed the Bio Academy - a global educational program on synthetic biology, installed fablabs and machines in Europe, the US, Africa and Asia and consulted for the Fab Foundation, Fondation Botnar and others.

People and communities

Technology itself is intert - and one should never use machines just because they are there, but only when it best serves the people and communities. By showing people digital tools and platforms and asking them about their issues and needs, doors can be opened, and ideas will be born.

Machines and solutions

Tools continue to evolve - and with them opportunities for learning, empowerment and new business models. Even in humanitarian situations and developing area's, digital tools can offer opportunities and solutions to those in need, and strenghten people and communities.

If you'd like to pick my brain on how to succescefully create innovative spaces, engage communities and build durable projects,
get in touch.

Join me digitally or in the mountains